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J. Elem.
ISSN – 1644-2296
DOI: 10.5601

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Effects of Bisphenol AF and Bisphenol S on the contractility of the porcine uterus 

Wydanie: 4/2023

Otrzymano: Wrzesień 19, 2023

Zaakceptowano: Listopad 14, 2023

Opublikowano online: 2023-11-18


A. Łukawska, W. Markiewicz, T. Grabowski, J. Jaroszewski

Kategorie: Medicine and veterinary

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2023.28.3.3126


Bisphenols (BPs) are widely used in the production of many articles of daily use, however, many recent studies indicate that they can cause adverse health effects, including alterations to the female reproductive system. BPs have a negative effect on the reproductive system, hindering conception, and predisposing women to polycystic ovary syndrome, girls to premature puberty or men to reduced sperm quality. They may raise the risk of breast and ovarian cancers and endometriosis. Since there is no data in the available literature on the effect of  BPAF and BPS on the contractile activity of the uterus, the aim of this research was to determine the effect of these two bisphenols on the porcine myometrium collected from immature, cyclic and early pregnant animals. Strips of the myometrium were stimulated with increasing concentrations (10-13 to 10-1) of BPAF or BPS, and smooth muscle contractility (tension, amplitude and frequency of contractions) was determined with equipment for measuring isometric contractions. BPAF caused a significant decrease in all examined parameters in all groups of animals, but the highest changes were observed in the myometrium of the immature pigs. BPS caused the highest decrease in the tension and amplitude of contractions in the myometrium of early pregnant animals and the frequency of contractions in the myometrium of immature animals. In conclusion, the results indicate that both BPAF and BPS relax the porcine myometrium, but these changes depend on the physiological status of the animals.


Łukawska, A., Markiewicz, W., Grabowski, T. and Jaroszewski, J. (2023) 'Effects of Bisphenol AF and Bisphenol S on the contractility of the porcine uterus ', Journal of Elementology, 28(4), [number-number], available:

Słowa kluczowe:

bisphenol AF, bisphenol S, myometrium, contractile activity, pig

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