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J. Elem.
ISSN – 1644-2296
DOI: 10.5601

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Effect of various doses of oat added to a feed mixture on the contents of selected minerals in turkey meat

Wydanie: 3/2009

Otrzymano: Brak danych

Zaakceptowano: Brak danych

Opublikowano online: 2012-08-10


Pomianowski J., Borowski J., Majewska T., Mozolewski W.

Kategorie: Fisheries and animal bioengineering , Food science

DOI: jelem.2009.14.3.12


Owing to its high protein and low fat content, turkey meat is regarded as dietetic. It also has a beneficial composition in terms of amino acid and mineral content. The study involved an analysis of selected elements: zinc, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus in breast muscles of male turkeys BIG 6 fed on fodder with various content of oatmeal (0%; 5% and 10%). The content of selected elements was determined in previously mineralised samples: zinc, magnesium and calcium – by AAS, using a UNICAM 939AAA Solar flame atomic absorption spectrometer; sodium and potassium – by flame photometry with a Carl Zeiss Jena FLAPHO 4 flame photometer, and phosphorus – by colorimetric measurement with the hydroquinone reagent at a wavelength of 610 nm. The results were processed with a single- factor analysis of variance with the Statistica 8pl computer program, and the significance of differences was determined with Duncan’s test. Oatmeal application in the analysed doses in turkey feeding has been shown to reduce the content of the elements under study in turkey meat. The differences for the analysed elements have not been shown to be statistically significant (P = 0.05), except for sodium, whose content – unlike that of other elements – grew with the oatmeal content in the fodder


Pomianowski J.F., Majewska T., Borowski J., Mozolewski W. 2009. Effect of various doses of oat added to a feed mixture on the contents of selected minerals in turkey meat. J. Elem. 14(3): 539-544.

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turkey meat, mineral components, feed mixtures

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