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J. Elem.
ISSN – 1644-2296
DOI: 10.5601

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Evaluation of almond cultivars for the morphological, physiological, and nutritional traits under water deficit conditions

Wydanie: 2/2022

Otrzymano: Wrzesień 27, 2021

Zaakceptowano: Maj 23, 2022

Opublikowano online: 2022-06-06


Aazami M.A., Panahi Tajaragh R., Rasouli F.

Kategorie: Horticulture and forestry

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2022.26.4.2189


Drought stress is one of the most critical environmental stresses. Water deficit is a multidimensional stress and affects physiological, morphological, biochemical and molecular traits in plants. Many plants could be improving their tolerance mechanisms over drought stress, although the mechanisms vary and depend on a plant species. Almond species are mainly known as drought-tolerant trees and shrubs and are adapted to arid and semi-arid environments. This study aimed to evaluate morphological, nutritional, and physiological responses of four almond cultivars (‘Talkh,’ ‘Nonpareil,’ ‘Azar’, and ‘Sanghi’) under drought stress. During 90 days of the growing season, drought treatment was applied at four levels of field capacity (control, 75%, 50% and 25%). To assess the response of the almond varieties to drought stress, the plant height, root length, internode length, fresh (FW) and dry weight (DW) of shoot and root, leaf area, proline, malondialdehyde (MDA) and elements content such as N, P, K, Ca, Mg and Fe were evaluated. The present study results showed that drought stress decreased morphological traits and increased proline and MDA accumulation in all the evaluated almond cultivars. Also, increasing drought stress was associated with reducing the content of the element in all the cultivars. According to our findings, it can be concluded that ‘Sanghi’ and ‘Azar’ cultivars are more tolerant to drought stress than ‘Talkh’ and ‘Nonpareil’.


Aazami M.A., Rasouli F., Tajaragh R.P. 2022. Evaluation of almond cultivars for the morphological, physiological, and nutritional traits under water deficit conditions. J. Elem., 27(2): 423 - 436. DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2021.26.4.2189

Słowa kluczowe:

almond, antioxidant enzyme, macronutrient, drought

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