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J. Elem.
ISSN – 1644-2296
DOI: 10.5601

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Evaluation of the effectiveness of selected phosphate preparations in the equalization of subclinical hypophosphataemia of dairy cows

Wydanie: 3/2019

Otrzymano: Wrzesień 11, 2018

Zaakceptowano: Styczeń 29, 2019

Opublikowano online: 2019-05-14


Abramowicz B., Kurek Ł., Lutnicki K., Olech M., Riha T.

Kategorie: Medicine and veterinary

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2018.23.4.1740


Subclinical types of deficiency diseases are at present the most common disorders in farmed cattle. Their diagnosis is extremely difficult and should be verified by biochemical blood tests. The most effective as well as the cheapest method of supplementing subclinical deficiencies is the administration of oral mineral preparations. The objective of this work has been to assess the effectiveness of mineral preparations in equalizing subclinical hypophosphataemia conditions in dairy cows during the postpartum and early lactation period. The study was conducted on 42 dairy cows of the Holstein-Friesian breed (HF) originating from three farms in the Lublin region, from 7 days to 5 weeks after calving, diagnosed with subclinical hypophosphataemia. The animals which were selected for the study were divided into three experimental groups, 10 cows in each group, based upon the mineral preparation applied, and into the control group (12 cows). The following parameters were determined in the blood serum of the cows: inorganic phosphorus content (Pi), glucose concentration (GLUC), total cholesterol (CHOL T) and total protein content (TP), the total bilirubin level (BIL T), creatinine (CREA), as well as the activities of aspartate aminotransferase (AST), gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) and creatinine kinase (CK). It was found that the most effective phosphate deficiency treatment was with sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, and that supplementation with this preparation allowed for the normalization of biochemical blood parameters. Long-term supplementation with increased doses of preparations containing phosphorus may lead to disruptions in the kidney and muscle functions, which is indicated by a significant increase in creatinine and CK activity levels. The therapeutic success of the treatment of subclinical deficiencies is dependent on the continuous monitoring of the health status of a herd due to the multietiological and multiform nature of metabolic diseases.


Olech M., Kurek Ł., Abramowicz B., Riha T., Lutnicki K. 2019. Evaluation of the effectiveness of selected phosphate preparations in the equalization of subclinical hypophosphataemia of dairy cows. J. Elem.., 24(3): 1037 - 1046. DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2018.23.4.1740

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dairy cows, hypophosphataemia, supplementation

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