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J. Elem.
ISSN – 1644-2296
DOI: 10.5601

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Guidelines for Reviewers

Reviewers are requested to evaluate the suitability of a manuscript for publishing by responding to the following questions:

  1. Originality: Is the research presented in the manuscript original and ensures progress in existing knowledge?
  2. Quality: Is the article written in an appropriate manner, in line with the guidelines for authors defined by J. Elem., and the results are properly interpreted and supported by suitable statistical methods?
  3. Scientific merit: Was the study designed properly? Were the analyses made according to the highest methodological and analytical standards? Are the data sufficiently reliable for drawing conclusions? Are the results correctly interpreted and supported by conclusions? Were the methods, instruments, software and reagents described in sufficient detail to enable other researchers to reproduce the results?
  4. English language: Is the language of the article correct and understandable?
  5. Articles submitted to J. Elem. should conform to the highest publishing ethcis standards: the Authors should submit only these results which have not been submitted for publication or published elsewhere,. The manusrcipts should be original and should not include any data or informatoion without making a reference to their source. All research in the natural sciences should be conducted in compliance with the binding ethical standards. 
  6. Should the Reviewers gain knowledge of any case of scientific misconduct, plagiarism or any other unethical behaviour in connection with the manuscript they are reviewing, they are requested to report it immediately to the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Elementology.

General recommendations

A review of a manuscript should be prepared within 30 days. A mansucript can be accepted, sent back for correction (with no subsequent review or with another review after major corrections) or rejected. The review is entered into the J. Elem. system after the Reviewer has answered the questions. It is also possible to submit a review in the form of a manuscript with the reviewer’s comments written in the text. Each review must be concluded with the reviewer’s opinion whether the manucript is acceptable or should be rejected (including the justification). By accepting a manuscript for review, a reviewer agrees to their affiliation (name, surname, town, country) being published on the website and in the printed version of the Journal of Elementology.

 Rejection: an article has serious flaws (especially in methodology, statistics) or it does not contribute anything original to the development of science. Please, remember that the assessment of your article is only seen to the Journal’s Editors and the Author(s). The Author does not know the affiliation of the Reviewers. The Reviewers are anonymous.