Calcium and magnesium in atmospheric precipitation, groundwater and the soil solution  in long-term  meadow experiments

Wydanie: 1 / 2014

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Zaakceptowano: Luty 05, 2014

Opublikowano online: 2014-04-07


  • Sapek B.

Kategorie: Agricultural , Pollution and environment

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2014.19.1.597


At present, atmospheric precipitation is considered a cause of environmental pollution. Less attention is paid to nutrients in rainfall that might supply plant requirements. Hence, there is a need to assess  relationships between rainfall, groundwater and the soil solution in the context of their mineral content (including magnesium and calcium) essential for soil fertility as well as proper plant growth and development. Such an attempt was made based on long-term meadow experiments run in the vicinity of the village Falenty, the Province of Mazowsze (województwo mazowieckie). The relationships between the Ca and Mg content in wet precipitations in Falenty, and in groundwater and the soil solution under long-term meadow experiments were evaluated. Moreover, concentrations and loads of these elements were compared between wet precipitation, groundwater and the soil solution. The positive effect of rainfall Ca and Mg on soil water is differentiated by the significant variability of both concentrations and loads of Ca in precipitation. The fact that Ca binds more strongly to soil than Mg may result in the lack of a positive effect of Ca on the soil solution. The beneficial influence of Ca concentrations on soil solutions depend on the acid reaction of soil. No such relationship was observed for Mg. This confirms the influence of differences in soil pH, soil abundance and different solubility of the two elements on the chemical composition of soil waters.


Sapek B. 2014. Calcium and magnesium in atmospheric precipitation, groundwater and the soil solution  in long-term  meadow experiments. J. Elem., 19(1): 191-208; DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2014.19.1.597

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atmospheric precipitation, calcium, groundwater, long-term meadow experiment, magnesium, relationship, soil solution

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