Effect of nitrogen and potassium fertilisation on the content of ions in the soil solution

Wydanie: 4 / 2009

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Opublikowano online: 2012-07-18


Kategorie: Agricultural

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2009.14.4.737-743


The aim of the present research was to evaluate whether or not, and to what extent, exclusive mineral fertilisation affects the content of water-soluble ions determining the soil salinity. The soil was sampled from the arable layer of a multi-year field experiment carried out in 1974-2007. The research involved differentiated nitrogen fertilisation (factor I, n=3) and potassium fertilisation (factor II, n=4). The content of water-soluble ions was defined in water extract, in the soil to water ratio of 1:5; cations K+, Na+, Ca2+ were determined with the method of emission spectrometry and Mg2+ – with atomic absorption. Anions were analysed with the argentometric (Cl-) and nephelometric (SO42-) methods. In addition, electrolytic conductivity (R) was tested with the conductometric method, based on which the salt concentration in the solution (C) and the ionic strength (I) were calculated. The present results were statistically verified. The prolonged application of intensive nitrogen and potassium fertilisation (32 years) significantly differentiated the content of cations: K+, Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ as well as anions: Cl- and SO42- in soil solution. The contents of K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+ in the soil solutions differed and fell within the range of (mean value) 0.136-0.507 (0.281) K+, 0.398-0.555 (0.472) Na+, 1-2.192 (1.350) Ca2+ and 0.211- 0.365 (0.272) Mg2+ mmol(+) kg-1. The highest nitrogen dose significantly limited the concentration of SO42- in the soil solution, while the different doses of potassium did not result in such significant changes in the concentration of the above ions. The content of chlorine ions in the soil solution did not depend significantly on differentiated nitrogen and potassium fertilisation. No effect of the long-term mineral fertilisation on soil salinity was noted.


Murawska B., Spychaj-Fabisiak E. 2009. Effect of nitrogen and potassium fertilisation on the content of ions in the soil solution. J. Elem. 14(4): 737-743.

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fertilisation, ions, salt indicator

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