Potato tuber content of magnesium and calcium depending on weed control methods

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Opublikowano online: 2012-06-24


Kategorie: Agricultural

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2012.17.2.07


Studies were conducted on samples of potato tubers harvested in a field experiment carried out at Zawady Experimental Farm of the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce in 2005-2007. The experimental design was a randomised complete block in a split-plot arrangement with 2 cultivars (Irga and Balbina) as main plots, and 4 weed control technologies (with the following herbicides: Plateen 41.5 WG, Racer 250 EC and Sencor 70 WG) as subplots. There was also a control plot with no chemical control of weeds. The purpose of the study was to determine magnesium and calcium content in the dry matter of edible potato tubers depending on weed control methods based on some herbicides. Magnesium and calcium content in the dry matter of potato tubers was determined by the AAS method. The content of the elements depended significantly on cultivars, weed control methods and weather conditions during the growing season. The herbicides Plateen 41.5 WG and Sencor 70 WG significantly increased the magnesium content in the dry matter of the tubers of potato whose cultivation included weed control based on Racer 250 EC and control potato (only mechanical weed control). The highest magnesium content was determined in the tubers of potato sprayed with Sencor 70 WG (metribuzin) – 1.032 g kg–1, on average. Moreover, the experimental herbicides increased the tuber contents of calcium compared with the control, by 0.016 g kg–1, on average. There were determined different magnesium and calcium contents in the experimental cultivars. Balbina accumulated more and Irga less magnesium and calcium, on average 1.138 and 0.575 g kg–1 as well as 0.890 and 0.510 g kg–1, respectively. Weather conditions in the study years significantly affected the potato tuber contents of magnesium and calcium.


Gugała M., Zarzecka K., Mystkowska I. 2012. Potato tuber content of magnesium and calcium depending on weed control methods. J. Elem. 17(2): 247-254, DOI - 10.5601/jelem.2012.17.2.07.

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magnesium, calcium, potato, herbicides

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