Response of coriander to fertilization with nitrogen and boron

Wydanie: 3 / 2019

Otrzymano: Listopad 28, 2018

Zaakceptowano: Marzec 26, 2019

Opublikowano online: 2019-04-09


  • Kozera W., Spychaj-Fabisiak E., Majcherczak E., Barczak B., Knapowski T.

Kategorie: Agricultural

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2018.23.4.1773


The agrotechnical recommendations for the cultivation of coriander draw attention to the need for fertilization with boron, an element which is deficient in Polish soils but which, like nitrogen, is necessary for the proper growth and development of the plants. A study based on a two-factor field experiment was carried out in 2012-2014, and the aim was to assess the effect of nitrogen and boron fertilization on the yield and selected quality features of the fruit of coriander. The first factor was soil fertilization with nitrogen (n=4): N0-no nitrogen fertilization, N1-30 kg ha-1, N2-50 kg ha-1 and N3-70 kg ha-1. The second factor was pre-sowing fertilization with boron (n=2): B0-no boron fertilization, B-0.5 kg ha-1. The following were determined: fruit yield, total nitrogen content (based on a modified Berthelot reaction), and essential oil content (by distillation). The yield of oil and protein was calculated. The highest average yield of coriander fruit and essential oil was obtained after the application of 30 and 50 kg N ha-1. The use of 50 and 70 kg N ha-1 reduced the amount of oil in the fruit in comparison with the control and with the plants fertilized with 30 kg N ha-1. Irrespective of nitrogen application, boron fertilization resulted in an increase in fruit yield and in the content and yield of protein, but reduced the amount and yield of essential oil in the fruit. We found a significant interaction of nitrogen, particularly at 30 kg N ha-1, with boron in determining the yield of coriander fruit and its quality features. Supplementation of nitrogen fertilization with boron on light soil helps to obtain a high yield of coriander fruit with good chemical quality characteristics.



Kozera W., Spychaj-Fabisiak E., Majcherczak E., Barczak B., Knapowski T. 2019. Response of coriander to fertilization with nitrogen and boron. J. Elem., 24(3): 897 - 909. DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2018.23.4.1773

Słowa kluczowe:

Coriandri fructus, chemical composition, essential oil, medicinal plants

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