Hybrid wheat response to topdressing and foliar application of nitrogen

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Zaakceptowano: Wrzesień 12, 2016

Opublikowano online: 2016-12-22


  • Buczek J., Jarecki W., Bobrecka-Jamro D.

Kategorie: Agricultural

DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2016.21.2.1125


The quantity and quality of winter wheat grain yield is dependent on appropriate cultivation practices, including mineral fertilization. During the growth period of plants, nutrients can be applied both to soil and on leaves. For new hybrid cultivars, determination of the optimal doses and timing of fertilization with nitrogen and other mineral elements should be considered as particularly important. A controlled field experiment with winter wheat of the hybrid cultivar Hybred was carried out in 2011-2014, at the Experimental Station of Cultivar Assessment in Przecław. The first factor consisted of different topdressing nitrogen doses, applied to soil. The other factor was foliar fertilization (Plonvit Z) compared with the control. Topdressing nitrogen application resulted in a significant increase in the number of spikes per 1m-2 and grain yield in comparison with the control. Application of 100 and 150 kg N∙ha-¹ increased the number of grains per spike and the content of total protein, manganese and zinc in grain.  Fertilization with a dose of 150 kg N∙ha-¹ increased additionally the thousand grain weight and the content of magnesium and calcium in grain. Foliar application, in comparison to the control, resulted in a significant increase in TGW, grain yield and the content of ash, magnesium, manganese and zinc in grain. Interaction of nitrogen fertilization with foliar application was found for the content of manganese and zinc in the grain at a dose of 150 kg N∙ha-¹.


Buczek J., Jarecki W., Bobrecka-Jamro D. 2017. Hybrid wheat response to topdressing and foliar application of nitrogen. J. Elem., 22(1): 7 - 20. DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2016.21.2.1125

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winter wheat, mineral nitrogen, foliar application, yield structure, yield, chemical composition, macroelements and microelements

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